Art League of Henderson County



One of the great benefits of being a member of ALHC is the opportunity to show work–usually for free. We encourage all our members to take advantage of these abundant opportunities. As we move into our new space and our membership grows and new members in new media join, we are looking forward to more and more opportunities to exhibit work done by our members. Here are the guidelines to follow when participating in our exhibits. 

Read the Call for Artists for the Details
Each exhibit will have a “Call for Artists” giving guidelines for the show. READ AND FOLLOW all the guidelines.  Look for size limitations. Pay attention to the dates for entry applications, drop off and pickup.  If you cannot come, find someone who will drop off or pick up your piece for you.  Volunteers and exhibit venues cannot be responsible for storing works not picked up at the scheduled time.

ALWAYS have your name and contact information securely attached to the back of your work.  Both volunteers and exhibit venue staff will be handling your work. They must be able to identify it correctly. 

For hanging pieces, use sturdy wire on D-rings. Sawtooth hangers do not work on exhibit display systems. We do not have hanging supplies on hand, so your work needs to come in ready to hang.

3-D work:
As more members have 3-D work to exhibit, we will be working out ways in which this can be done securely.  Instructions will be included in the “Call for Artists” when an exhibit will include 3-D work.

If a piece is entered in an exhibit, expect to keep it there for the duration of the exhibit. Now that art in the Library can be listed as “available,” you may wish to remove a piece before the end of a show. Although this is strongly discouraged, if you need to accommodate an out-of-town purchaser,  you must be ready to supply a substitute work with all the information necessary to replace the signage, and you must notify the Art League exhibits committee so that they can coordinate replacement with the Library staff. Do not just come and remove or replace a piece of work, that will undermine our relationship with the library and create liability issues when a new piece is not correctly registered or a registered piece cannot be found. 

The League exhibits committee is all volunteer. Respect their time and willingness to help the League have an on-going presence in the community. 

Thanks for sharing your wonderful works!
Norie Sanchez and Marcia Rieff,  Co-Chairs of the Exhibits Committee