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The outpouring of enthusiasm and support from our members in making a permanent home for the Art League into a reality has been truly exciting.  We initially undertook this project with the idea that the bones of the facility fit our needs and that we could work with existing flooring and fixtures.  As we have begun work, we now believe that this is the time to invest in creating a first-class space to demonstrate to the community that we are a serious, professional, creative and committed organization of visual artists.
Our plans now include totally replacing most of the flooring with commercial carpet and hard plank surfaces.  We will repaint all the interior walls.  One of our members and her husband are bringing their commercial spray system and doing the entire project for us as volunteers, but we will be purchasing lots of paint.  We will be replacing the ballasts and some fixtures to improve the existing ceiling lighting and reduce power consumption in addition to installing gallery-quality track lighting for the exhibit spaces.  

To make sure it is easy to find us, two 4-foot by 8-foot signs will be hung on the tall sign receptacle by the street.  We will install a security, WIFI  and Point of Sale systems.  We are in the process of testing radon levels since the building is on a basement.  The levels are currently reading in the high range and for the safety of our members and guests, we will install a mitigation system if necessary.
Prior to committing the League to this project, we did our due diligence to determine the financial impact.  We have been carrying a reasonable reserve for a number of years and been investing primarily in growing our membership and adding or reinstating programs.  We would like to keep this reserve in place so that we can continue to grow.   

Many of you have already offered your services and donated materials or offered financial support. We want to make it easy for everyone to help out and be part of this exciting new phase for the Art League. You can donate on-line or pledge to pay by check to help us fund these important "Building Improvements" on the link at the top of this page.