Art League of Henderson County


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The outpouring of enthusiasm and support from our members in making a permanent home for the Art League into a reality has been truly exciting.  We initially undertook this project with the idea that the bones of the facility fit our needs and that we could work with existing flooring and fixtures.  As we began to work, we came to believe that the League would be best served by creating a first-class space to demonstrate to the community that we are a serious, professional, creative and committed organization of visual artists.
We have now installed commercial carpet and hard plank surfaces.  All the interior walls have been repainted.  The existing ceiling lighting has been repaired and updated. The windows have been washed and the front door repainted. Two 4-foot by 8-foot signs have been hung on the exterior billboard.   We have WIFI  and Point of Sale systems.  

We have been blessed with dedicated volunteers to carry out almost all of this work. We have received donations of office equipment, a microwave and a refrigerator. We are recruiting volunteers to keep the doors open four days a week. We have held the first classes in the newly renovated space.  We have financed these renovations with a generous gift from the estate of long-time member Pat Wellborn and a grant from the Community Foundation of Henderson County and donations from many members. 

And with your help, we can add the enhancements that will make this a truly fine space. We need a professional hanging system for 2D art and risers of various types for the display of 3D art. We need a track lightning system and a security system. We need to explore sound-proofing between the gallery and classroom so that we can hold simultaneous activities. 

We want to make it easy for everyone to help out and be part of this exciting new phase for the Art League. You can donate on-line or pledge to pay by check to help us fund these important "Building Improvements" on the link at the top of this page.