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Fabric Project

Love Letters by Didi Salvatierra

 Preserving Personal Memories. Didi Salvatierra. September 6 and 12. 1-4 pm 

Create a small fiber art piece using personal mementos, photos and treasures as well as fabric bits, lace and trims. Embellish with items such as beads, buttons, ink, charms, shells, stones and feathers. Memories of people, places or events can be the catalyst for this project. Guidance on design elements, techniques for photo transfer and stitching will be discussed in this two part class. Time in between sessions will allow each student to continue in their home studio. Keeping the project under 24 square will lead to a successful finish. (don‘t bite off more than you can chew!)  See examples on my website under Portfolio. Class fee: Members $90. Non-Members: $100. Materials fee to be collected by instructor. $10

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Mixed Media

Bodacious Backgrounds. 

September 14. 10 to 2.

 Bodacious Backgrounds. Robyn Crawford. September 14th 10-2pm. Venue TBA. 
Looking to create some interesting backgrounds for your mixed media work, art journals, collage, or other papercrafts?  We’ll explore tons of textures and colors with various mono printing and mark making techniques. You’ll leave with a fabulous stash of hand decorated papers you can use in your future creative endeavors. No experience necessary. Wear old clothes and pack a lunch or snack.
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Member fee: $60. Non-member fee: $70. 

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Basics of Watercolor Painting
Instructor: Marcia Rieff
October 19 and 26 and November 2 and 9 

Learning the Basics of Painting with Watercolor -

Four Sessions: October 19and 26 and November 2. and 9.

Want to understand why watercolor is so exciting and fun? Each session will explore the basic foundations of painting in watercolor. The goals of the class are to not be hard on yourself and to have fun by learning the basic techniques of the medium. Learn about basic supplies, how to get prepared and setup to paint, demonstrations of different washes, brush strokes and an introduction to color mixing and value studies.
No experience is necessary. Students will be encouraged to work at their own skill level to experiment and discover all the exciting things one can do with the basic techniques of the medium.
For over 10 years, Marcia has been inspiring and teaching new watercolor students. Her goal is to get you to aspire to your own levels and love the medium.
A supply list will be sent before class starts,
All students must be vaccinated against Covid-19. Location: Community Room, Hendersonville Community Coop. 60 S. Charleston Lane, Hendersonville.
Fee  Art League Member  $180.00;  Non-member $200.00

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Marbling Paper

Marbling Paper: Learning the Basics.

Marbling Paper: Learning the Basics. 
September 29, 9:30 to 4:30. Instructor: Anne Murray

A one-day introduction to the ancient art of marbling paper. Learn to produce fabulous designs on paper that you can use for a variety of art projects. The Art House. 5 Highland Park Rd. East Flat Rock. Fee: members $105; Non-members $115. 

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Polymer Clay with Robyn Crawford

Polymer clay

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Introduction to Polymer Clay

October 11, 10am to 2pm

Learn the basics of working with this versatile art medium. Cover brands, tools, building techniques, bake times, and embellishing options. Robyn Crawford will show you how to create some simple, yet elaborate looking, beads and pendants. No experience needed. Feel free to bring a snack for a short break. Art on 7th, 330 7th Avenue East, Hendersonville. Art League of Henderson County.

Fee: Members $60. Non-members $70.

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Palette Knife Painting in Acrylic with Diane Dean

Polymer clay

Palette Knife Painting

October 12 and 13, 10am to 4pm

This workshop will focus on painting with heavy bodied acrylics and palette knives in a loose style.   The workshop will include several demos using various techniques, acrylic paint formulas and a variety of sizes of palette knives.  Options for students will be both impressionistic and abstract.  Students will work on stretched canvas and will find that, though painting with a palette knife is a challenging, it can be a rewarding approach to paint application. When applied, the colors make an immediate impact due to their purity. Many artists abandon paint brushes altogether in favor of the semi-flexible palette knife to create paintings that are full of rich texture and sweeping blends of color. 

Students will work on a variety of compositions.  The instructor provide tools and some paint.  Art on 7th, 330 7th Avenue East, Hendersonville. Art League of Henderson County.

Fee: Members $180. Non-members $190.

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Image Transfer Techniques

Polymer clay

Image Transfer Basics

October 25, 10am to 2pm

Add another layer to your work on a variety of substrates- paper, canvas, wood, glass, or fabric. In this class Robyn Crawford will show you some methods that have reliable outcomes and share some tips and tricks. Expect demos and step-by-step instruction as well as time to experiment on your own images. No experience needed. Art on 7th, 330 7th Avenue East, Hendersonville. Art League of Henderson County.

Fee: Members $60. Non-members $70.

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